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Let's feed ourselves more Self-Care

What's my challenge right now? Holding my center and staying out of NEGATIVITY - would you agree? I go in and out, back and forth, but what stays the same is my dedication to self-care and knowing it's the ONE thing I rely on and am in control of.

I want to help us all as we move together through this crazy unknown. 

Here is my unique monthly program where we can come together REMOTELY. 

The rug has been pulled out from under us and I know my role is to hold space and keep us on track amidst challenges. Each of our Coronavirus journeys are beyond monumental and my purpose here is to hold our wellness on all levels: Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit. Practicing Self-Care is our best priority. 

We meet 2x per month using my account on ZOOM. You can access the group using the video, or you can use it as a telephone conference call. It's super easy. 

I want to support you with every tool I have!  I created new  guided meditations.

I will lead conversations to inspire your own wisdom,  and we can learn and feel supported by each other all along the way.  

Help me make this group significant as a huge support for all of us. 

I want to give you a sweet and powerful sense while meeting online that can  make our journey less stressful, more productive, spiritually fulfilling and held in the highest light. (LOVE!) 

I want to support you and coach you with my best abilities to give perspective,. tools and ideas to keep your life thriving as best possible. 

When you attend a call, you can see me on video. You have the option to either be seen also, or block your screen to be in the background. You can also be fully participatory just on the audio line. It's a space for you to get what you need, and above all to feel safe so you can enjoy this huge opportunity to have connection. 

You get TWO CALLS EVERY MONTH. (1.5 hrs.)

You also get PRIVATE PEP-TALKS during a set day/time each week. (optional)

You get recordings of all the calls so you can listen over and over. 

I will bring humor and deep support to this journey through the vast unknown. 

I will teach tools and approaches during each call you can use always, 

And I will be responsive to what you need as we go along, 

Agenda for Each Call: 

A guided meditation

A time of sharing

Q & A on a hot Self-Care Topic

A discussion and exercise about easing stress.

Suggested activities and goals to keep you in the positivity zone. 

A closing inspirational moment. 

Sound Delicious? I hope so. 

And, to top it all off, I'll invite you to a 

A PRIVATE FACEBOOK PAGE where everyone can share and follow up on the conversations during the calls. I will post supportive things. You will be able to give and receive whatever you want. 

Join today at $99 per month. 

Payment link below. 

Or contact me I'm happy to set you up. 

I know your soul will be served by this group. (that's my intention anyway!)

If there is anything else you need at this time, please contact me if I can help. xxoo


2 Calls Every Month

Tips/Tools for a Self-Care Boost

Private Pep Talks during office hours.

A Private Facebook Group

Self Care Support, Inspiration, Ideas


Self-Care Group Online (Monthly)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Register now and sign up for ongoing monthly billing.

You will receive a "Welcome Packet" detailing all you need to get started.