Welcome to Fully Expressed Mastermind Group !

3-WEEK Series: This group meets 3 Wednesdays in a row: 9/18, 9/25 and 10/2

Fully Expressed Entrepreneur Mastermind Group is forming now. 

Join us to take your business, project or idea to the next level. 

Dates:  September 18th, September 25th and October 2nd.

3 Wednesdays, for LIVE in-person Masterminding.

Then get mastermind support ALL YEAR LONG. 

Imagine the possibilities by committing to 3 Wednesdays in a row. 

Yes it's a big deal. Because it should be. We are a group of "go-for-it people!"

Take your business-life into a bigger game. 

Support. Feedback.  Inspiration.  Direction. Community.  

This is a new community, a new program created for entrepreneurs who think big or want to think bigger. Fully Expressed! . 


·  A workshop featuring one of the “3 Keys for Fully Expressed Entrepreneurs”

·  A mastermind meeting with other inspiring and dynamic entrepreneurs. 

·  Small group mastermind/group coaching sessions. 



·  Membership in our Private Facebook Group – active support and feedback daily. 

·  My NEW Workbook: “3Keys for Fully Expressed Entrepreneurs”

·  Downloads for Mastermind Exercises, Accountability Worksheets and more. 

·  Eligibility to join the new “Fully Expressed Mastermind Community” for monthly masterminding throughout the year. 

What’s possible in your business if you make the most of this program?

Happiness Guarantee:  

If you show up to every session and are not 100% satisfied with your results, I will give you a full refund! 

“I see Jenifer as a “Business LIFE” Coach. She’s very insightful, caring and smart. She specializes in helping high-achieving business owners make transitions in their business-life.  The entrepreneurial path doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and focusing on my Business Life helps identify where things are stuck so my dreams can be achieved faster and easier.”

~Glynns Thomas, Professional Branding Photographer, 

Glynns Thomas Portraits.com

So many entrepreneurs talk with me about….

  • Wishing they had the support they need to get to their next level. 
  • Not knowing exactly what to focus on to get the results they really want. 
  • Launching or growing feels HARD (or overwhelming!)
  • Feeling stuck or not feeling clear on next-steps. 
  • Wanting to be surrounded by other “Fully Expressed Entrepreneurs” going-for-it!

Can you relate? 

If so, this group is for you.  

If you feel sure, sign up today to secure your spot. 

If you have questions or want to talk further, 

contact Jenifer.  916-768-5931

A Mastermind Group is an important investment in your business!  

Especially in your personal growth on the entrepreneurial path. 


Programs run from 9am through 4:00pm  

*Attend all or any parts you choose! 

**All workshops are recorded for anytime viewing. 

Morning Workshop

How to Use “The 3 Keys for Fully Expressed Entrepreneurs”  

9am – 11:00am

Key 1 on 9/18.  Key 2 on 9/25.  Key 3 on 10/2. 

The Mastermind Meeting

Robust group mastermind process to move forward and get results in your business or project.  

11:30am – 1:30 pm 

Small Group Mastermind Sessions.  Optional.  

Facilitated exercises to get the personal attention, feedback, or support you need. 

1:30 pm – 4pm 


You’ll be a permanent member in the 

"Fully Expressed Mastermind Community", 

Which means you will alwayshave access to:

·  Our Private Facebook Group - Permanent Membership 

·  All recordings of workshops and bonus trainings. 

·  Forever access to download content and worksheets. 

·  Any upcoming 3-week Series at your original “first member price”. 

The 3 Keys for Fully Expressed Entrepreneurs

·  Key #1:  Thoughts Create EVERYTHING

·  Key #2:  Set and maintain Boundaries FOR Your Success

·  Key #3:  Managing Abundance & Expansion

Total Price for 3 Months – Special “First Member Rate” $895  $495


I will offer additional 3-week Series throughout the year. 

This is the only time this “First Member Rate” is available. 

It is a thank you for joining me at the start of this group. 

Let’s mastermind our way into our entrepreneurial dreams! 

QUESTIONS:  Contact Jenifer 916-768-5931  

EMAIL:  jenifer@fullyexpressedpotential.com


First Member Special Pricing Available NOW

Mastermind Group, 3-week Series

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Register now for the "First member special pricing."  You'll receive the workbook and a welcome packet to prepare for our first group meeting on September 18th.