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1. Work through my challenges.


 “Jenifer is  quite simply a brilliant coach. She helped me overcome several obstacles  that were holding me back personally and professionally. She has a gift for listening with intent and then helping you work through challenges.  As a result of coaching with Jenifer, I truly believe that I'm a better  business leader, mother and wife. If there is anything that is holding  you back or just not working for you, your investment in Jenifer's  services will pay huge dividends!”   -Stephanie Chandler, CEO Authority  Publishing 

2. Focus my thoughts.


Jenifer’s keen insight and encouraging nudges have helped me focus my thoughts and sharpen my goals.  I highly recommend her for both business and personal coaching.  
- Jason Davis, Entrepreneur

3. Help me find clarity.


 Thank you Jenifer; you serve me so well; I am so grateful for your ability to understand what I am feeling and you provide much needed emotional support and clarity.  My life was cluttered and unfulfilling before. Now I feel as if I am  dancing to the music of fulfillment!  I reached my goal of moving to Mexico and teaching English to children. It's a dream come true.    -Patsy Lopez, Teacher and Artist 

4. Process my feelings in a safe space.


 I've  experienced several "Coaches". Many of them just focus on showing others  how to be like them or how to follow a long task list and report back.   Jenifer's coaching process is different. She TRULY LISTENS while  keeping people accountable, allowing them to express their full  potential. Infusing her humor and personality, Jenifer makes herself relatable and someone you want to share with.  I highly recommend Jenifer and her services not only to individuals who  are stuck and seeking ways to get the most out of themselves but  especially to corporations, organizations, and teams looking to ELEVATE  an entire group of people."  -David Frings, Sales Executive 

5. Stay on track.


 “Jenifer's coaching style is nurturing yet firm. I have renewed my agreement with her several  times. She provides me with guidance, creativity, and different way  of looking at issues in my personal and professional life.  I  was able to stay focused on my business goals while making my way  through a challenging divorce, and then needing to re-invent much of my  life and business as a result.   -Karl Palachuk, Business Consultant, Speaker and Author

6. Fulfill my desires.


 Finding a  talented coach with Jenifer's level of experience and track-record  results is a treasure. I love my life, I love ME more and more!"   -Jo Daley,  Business Owner