About Us


My Story

I love working with individuals, groups and businesses to facilitate personal growth and fulfillment.   

I  am a certified life coach through JFK University Integrative Coaching  Program.  I launched my coaching practice, "Fully Expressed Potential" in 2005 and have been coaching full-time since then. 

In 2017 I was selected to be a Chopra Center Life Coach.  In this role, I support clients of the Chopra Center to stay on track with personal goals, spiritual growth and finding the joy and purpose of being the greatest version of themselves.   

I wrote two books, "Fully Expressed Living:  50 Perspectives from  Stuck to Fulfilled", and "Guided Meditation Coloring Book".  Both are  available on Amazon.  

I have a passion for working with groups, either  in workshops or as a facilitator. My favorite topics are personal growth, spiritual development, mindfulness, creativity and communication in life/relationships.   

My  background includes 20 years’ experience working in sales and business  development, creativity, training/facilitation and leading events and  retreats for business groups and women. 


My Why


I love being Stella's mom.   

I'm dedicated to giving  my all as a parent and role-model. I love  learning where to let go and where to take  leadership as a mom. I am grateful to share this path in life with this amazing young woman I'm lucky enough to call my  daughter. 


My Background

From day one, I  chose Art Therapy as my perfect career. I pursued  my degree in psychology, then followed my heart and chose a degree in Art. My career path has always included a combination of art and  helping people thrive.  My first job out of college was in graphic  design and I became an Art Director in Seattle.   

A  few years later, I pursued a sales position because I was attracted to  the freedom and unlimited income potential. I was able to bring value to  my clients using my art background. I learned to succeed in consulting , forming positive business relationships, and helping people use thier creativity.

I moved to my hometown in  Ojai, California, and took a position at a fancy printing company,  quickly becoming the top salesperson managing the company's biggest accounts. I thrived for years during what I lovingly referred to as my "Briefcase and Panty-Hose Era."  During this  time,  I developed my business expertise.  I helped launch countless  business growth strategies and creative projects. I learned first-hand how creative  environments function and thrive, and what it takes to build successful  relationships in the business community.  

When my "inner artist"  needed more attention I created a line of greeting cards, illustrated an  award winning children's book, and painted murals for friends  and colleagues children's rooms. 

I  caught the entrepreneur bug realizing I could make a business out of  doing what I loved (painting and creating and working with people). I established Novak Art  Studio, specializing in children’s murals and I worked throughout the  Bay Area. My murals were in demand for 15 years strong.  

A few years later my divorce happened and I became a single mom raising my young daughter, knowing it was time to start an entirely new chapter. I enrolled to get my  Master’s Degree in Counseling because I wanted to help people work  though challenges and find creative solutions to move forward in life. I  quickly became disillusioned by the scientific side of psychology, and  one day a book about "LIFE COACHING" fell into my lap, and the power of synchronicity opened up my next career path. 

I  researched certification programs and couldn't wait to start a life  coaching business.  I attended the Ford Institute for Integrative  Coaching at JFK University launched "Fully Expressed Potential" in 2005  where I speak, coach, write and facilitate groups.  In addition, I  create workbooks,  coloring books, products to support mindfulness. 

I  wrote a monthly column in the newspaper for 2 years.  Later I published  my first book, “Fully Expressed Living:  50  Perspectives from Stuck to Fulfilled” now available on Amazon. My second book is in the works!   

It occurs to me I have  been my own Art Therapist since the very beginning. This is why I'm  an entrepreneur at heart - the path of doing what you love is filled with growth and personal triumphs like no other.